Our Services

BPN provides services for investors, for businesses and for professional service providers related to investment, real estate, contracting, financial services, and custodial financial services. Through our trusted network of contacts, BPN offers an end-to-end package of offers for small and medium businesses and investors through true peer-to-peer support.

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Asset Tokenization

Tokenization of tangible assets such as real estate, business assets, art and other physical assets can be represented as security tokens, which allows asset owners to offer fractional ownership without the complexity of other equity type vehicles.

Commercial Financing

Commercial financing services provide direct financing for capital-intensive projects. We primarily focus on capital-intensive projects with future contracts or letters of intent to purchase the goods produced based on the capital investments.

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Billionaire Investments

BPN provides private placement investments that were once only available to billionaires, at accessible entry points for accredited investors. Minimum commitments can be as low as $25,000, so family offices and smaller funds can get in on these deals, which were once only available to billionaires.

Trusted Pro Services

As BPN adds trusted investors and trusted businesses to its financing network, it’s natural that we become a hub for trusted professional services. The most important pillar of our success is the pool of legal, financial and business professionals we’ve gathered together to deploy these innovative financial vehicles.

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