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About Us

BPN was founded with the mission to provide investment vehicles that put all investors on equal standing. We have decades of collective experience in high-stakes investing with high-net-worth individuals and funds, but we ourselves started from the ground up. As we were introduced to the kinds of opportunities available to the wealthy, we could see the stark difference between the kinds of returns billionaires get on their investments versus the general public who can only afford to put in a few thousand dollars in savings. On the converse side, we saw great businesses struggling to expand because of lack of capital or the high costs of capital that they could attain from commercial banking institutions.

For us, this wasn’t just an injustice—it was a chokehold on the economy. Capital investments are the lifeblood of medium businesses, and small and medium businesses are the greatest source of new jobs in any economy. Growing one’s wealth is the foundation of another pillar of the economy, giving people the opportunity to educate themselves and their children, retire comfortably, and make investments in even more of the businesses that make our economy grow.

When Bitcoin demonstrated the robustness of the blockchain, we recognized the potential of this new technology, not just in creating new forms of money, but in creating “smart contracts”, that is, financial instruments that directly connect between lenders and borrowers. Through these types of instruments, it would be possible for accredited investors to have better access to well-vetted business opportunities, and for those businesses to get access to accredited investors.

Tokenization through blockchain makes it simple to prove and transfer ownership of these investments, reducing the paperwork and creating a higher level of liquidity in these types of investments. A security token doesn’t require the huge legal overhead for transfer of ownership. It also allows for the diversification of assets, because an investor can hold fractions of a number of businesses, rather than putting all of their investments in one business deal.

When we recognized this opportunity, we focused our resources into making this process compliant and technologically straightforward. For three years, we toiled to make sure that when we offer these tokenized assets, they are every bit as compliant and secure as other types of Private Placements, and that the same legal structures protect both the investors and the businesses. We work within the regulatory framework of the United States, so that our clients can feel confident about the due diligence and legal processes of the investments.

Our Vision & Values

BPN is a values-driven company with a vision of prosperity for all.

  • As lifelong entrepreneurs, we believe in small and medium business as the lifeblood of our economy.
  • As finance experts, we believe in equal opportunity for all to gain and preserve wealth.
  • As humans, we believe in financial inclusion.

Blockchain technology has opened up new opportunities for decentralization, peer-to-peer financing and mutual aid, and financial inclusion for all. Boosting adaptation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is part of our visions.

Our Commitment

BPN was founded with the goal of helping businesses and investors alike, providing capital at favorable terms compared to bank loans, and providing investors opportunities that are normally reserved only for the ultra-wealthy. It’s our mission to create a free and open market for capital—both for businesses and investors.

To date, cryptocurrency investments have had influence primarily in financial capital markets, rather than in working capital—the capital that creates jobs, products, services. BPN is taking a leap forward in leveraging blockchain technology to create more liquidity in the working capital market. By improving liquidity and opportunities in working capital, we enable the development and expansion of real businesses, improving our nation’s economy and rewarding hardworking entrepreneurs as they expand their businesses.