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Billionaire Investments

BPN provides private placement investments that were once only available to billionaires, at accessible entry points for accredited investors. Minimum commitments can be as low as $25,000, so family offices and smaller funds can get in on these deals, which were once only available to billionaires. We call this the Billionaire Advantage or Billionaire Structure, and we want to offer it to anyone who wants to make a capital investment.

Using blockchain, we created the access to early investment opportunities that previously were only reserve for the top 2%, connecting investors with companies that want to expand their businesses based on letters of intent, growing customer demand, or founding the next big corporation. In these promising markets, small and medium businesses can often offer better terms than banks, either by offering some amount of equity or by offering favorable interest rates. Through the minting of security tokens that represent partial shares in the investment (and sometimes the company or future yields). Smart contracts allow us to set up the conditions that would normally be found in a private placement, while allowing smaller entry points and liquid assets.

Billionaire Advantage Investments

Billionaires have access to lower risk and higher yield investments than other investors—even accredited investors and family offices. One of the reasons for this inequality is that there are many investments which require large amounts of capital—millions–up front. For most investors, that would constitute such a large portion of their portfolio that they can’t opt into such deals, if they could even find them in the first place. Now, BPN, with decades of experience in Billionaire Advantage Investments, is making them available to everyone. Even for the billionaires themselves, this type of token-based investment provides them liquidity and the ability to sell all or parts of their investments in ways never before possible.