The Future of Investing is Here

Changing the Status Quo of the Traditional Financial System

Providing Opportunities and Capital
for Businesses and Investors

BPN Capital Group* is one the first Fintech multi-service firms to provide security tokenization services that allow businesses to offer accredited investors participation in investment deals that were previously out of reach or difficult to find for many investors.

BPN has developed years of expertise in identifying and assessing investment opportunities that make sense for both the businesses and the investors. By leveraging blockchain technology, the company now offers innovative securities vehicles that make it easy to fractionalize capital investments and hold liquid tokenized assets rather than complex legal paperwork.


For Investors

BPN is now able to offer accredited investors   blockchain-based securities that represent manageable risk and variable-yield structures in working businesses. Based on years of working with all types of private placements, commercial real estate development, and conducting due-diligence with respect to a broad variety of Financial Structures, BPN offers investors the confidence of working with a fully-qualified team comprised of cutting-edge broker dealers, financial professionals, and transfer agents.


For Businesses

BPN CG provides businesses an alternative to traditional funding routes for large to medium sized capital requirements. By offering private placements to accredited investors, businesses can raise capital for reinvestment in expansion, capital improvements, or as down payments on other debt obligations. By obtaining debt or equity capital directly from tokenization, businesses can dramatically simplify and streamline the raising of capital by leveraging blockchain technology and the resulting potential increase in security token liquidity.

Our Team Members Have Worked with the Following Companies: