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Jossua Parini

Marketing Director

Jossua Parini is a social entrepreneur with a passion for business, marketing, events, and uniting people. For the last 10 years, he’s managed an experiential marketing agency in Miami that bridges the gap between business & creativity through experiences. Most of his early career was spent in the Multi-Family Real Estate Industry, where he advised developers in marketing strategies, smart designs, community programming, and growth strategies. His passion for marketing allowed him to open a full marketing agency years later to further help entrepreneurs. Jossua took his talents to Miami and has successfully curated over 500+ events in the past 7 years, fed over 100k families, helped over 1k entrepreneurs get started, and currently manages the marketing efforts of many high-profile clients.

Through his agency, Jossua has been able to work alongside amazing companies like LVMH, Uber, Nike, Adobe, Miami Heat, JP Morgan, Miami Open, Rolling Loud, MMW, FIU, Bacardi, Diago, Art Miami, and many many more. His purpose in life is all about connecting entrepreneurs, designers, executives, developers & innovative organizations to gather, engage & create a better future for us. He believes that in order to grow, we have to surround ourselves with people that are passionate about life and their craft. He is the example of just that and becomes an asset everywhere he goes.