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Jay Elliot

Software Development Director,
Advisory Board Member

Mr. Elliot is currently the Founder and CEO of TIGOhealth,Inc. a software company focused on assisting Medicaid patients navigate their medical system. Mr. Elliot has more than 35 year’s operations’ experience with such corporate giants as IBM, Intel and Apple Computer.

He served as the Senior Vice President of Apple Computer responsible for all corporate operations, plus overall corporate business planning, reporting directly to Steve Jobs, Chairman of the Board, CEO, and co-founder of Apple. During his 6-year tenure at Apple sales grew from $150 million to more than $3 billion in sales.

After graduating from college, Mr. Elliot joined IBM as a programmer and eventually managed the company’s 16,000-employee software division as the Director of the IBM Santa Teresa software Laboratory. In 1980 he joined Intel as site Director of the California operations reporting to Andy Grove. He also worked with Gordon Moore, chairman of Intel, in the creation of the Intel Foundation.

In addition to his vast technology background, Elliot has extensive experience in both the entertainment and healthcare industries. While at Apple he created Apple TV an internal employee TV communication system. He served as the chief executive officer of San Francisco Studios, where he produced the 1990 Academy Award nominated documentary, “Berkeley in the Sixties,” and the NBC television series, “Midnight Caller.”

Mr. Elliot has written two books about his experience at Apple and working for Steve Jobs. “The Steve Jobs Way”, a worldwide best seller with 2 million copies sold in 40 countries and 50 languages and “Leading Apple with Steve Jobs”

Mr. Elliot holds degrees from San Jose State University and The University of California at Berkeley.

With his extensive knowledge in the Tech Industry and leadership, Mr. Elliot is a high valuable asset to BPN Capital Group.