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Francisco Rodriguez

Commercial Real Estate
Relationship Manager "CRRM"

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Having transacted over 900 million dollars in real estate, Francisco Rodriguez Melo is a successful real estate broker turned investor.

He is licensed as a Real Estate broker since the year 2000 and today leads a team of 20+ employees and agents in his brokerage company. Francisco has a deep understanding and experience managing real estate for investors. At present, his management company controls over 600 apartments in the Miami and South Florida area, for investors, in the day-to-day operations. Frank is also licensed by the U.S. Government to manage Government subsidized buildings and rentals (Section 8).

His former professional experience as an acquisition, disposition, and leasing agent at the Department of Transportation of Florida, working with engineers, county officials, attorneys, and state administrators allowed him to develop a multifaceted perspective of Southern Florida’s real estate market.

Frank was the President of CCIM Miami for 2014-2016, one of the world’s largest commercial real estate networks.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s in International Real Estate from Florida International University.

His experience, both as a broker and as an expert in the commercial real estate arena, is an invaluable asset for BPN Capital Groups objectives.