Commercial Financing

Commercial financing services provide direct financing for capital-intensive projects. We primarily focus on capital-intensive projects with future contracts or letters of intent to purchase the goods produced based on the capital investments. When a business is growing based on commitments from existing or future customers, the risk is lower than speculative investments, so investors are willing to offer more favorable terms than bank loans or other forms of financing.

BPN uses blockchain based smart contracts to release tokens that represent equal fractions of the investment, allowing accredited investors to start at smaller amounts (as low as $10,000 minimum, depending on the project) up to several hundred million dollars in some cases. By creating a fungible, liquid asset in the form of the token, we open up the field of potential investors who can fund medium and large-scale projects with a high-quality trajectory for returns. As a businessperson, these types of capital injections are an improvement on the terms that most commercial banks are able to offer.

Custodial Financial Services

Coming Soon

Custodial Financial Services

We partnered with multiple financial institutions to offered custodial financial services, clients are going to be able to have Crypto, dollars, Yen, Euro, and Pounds in the same custodial account. They will also have the ability to trade from one asset to the other for a simple negotiated fee between 1% up to 5% and after the conversion to dollars are going to have the ability to send Wires or ACH in or out of their custodial account.

Crypto Financial Services

This service is going to allow our clients to convert crypto to dollars with a 15-minute quote that will lock the price of the crypto as long as the transfer is made within the 15 minutes allow, clients will receive their deposit in dollars in their custodial account. Clients have the ability to wire funds out of this account for $35 dollars and they can also request our branded debit card with Mastercard to spend their dollars.

Crypto Financial Services
Bond Structure

Bond Structure to purchase and manage non-performing Debt “CMBS”

We are partnering with multiple financial intuitions to purchase their performing and non-performing loans in the secondary market at a discount to help borrowers become current on a 6-month period and re-sell the note for a profit after the loan has 12 months of performance.

Merchant Services with
Crypto and Dollars

We are the first fintech company to offer merchant services with a hybrid accepting crypto and dollars as a form of payment, we have no industry restrictions. We can do CBD, Medical Marijuana, and offer merchant services to those businesses with regulatory problems because of their industry.

Merchant Services