How It Works

BPN has developed years of expertise in identifying and assessing investment opportunities that make sense for both the businesses and the investors. By leveraging blockchain technology, the company now offers innovative securities vehicles that make it easy to fractionalize capital investments and hold liquid tokenized assets rather than complex legal paperwork.


We identify businesses in need of capital investments of $3MM up to Billions under Regulation D, 506-C, and Regulation A. In some cases, we may work with larger investments under appropriate legislation.

We perform comprehensive due-diligence to assess the potential risks and upsides of the investment.

If the investment passes the criteria as a solid business with potential for growth and a high yield for investors or lenders, we negotiate the terms of capital investment.

We create a Private Placement Memorandum with all relevant information about the investment, the company and the environment, and set up the blockchain-based tokenization and work with exchanges which will list the security tokens.

Lenders, Accredited Investors, Small Family Offices or Hedge Funds agree to the PPM and make financial commitments to the project during the offering period.

At the end of the offering period, if the amount raised is between minimum and maximum capital requirements, we collect the funds, issue tokens to investors, and forward the funding to the business minus the fees.

Throughout the terms of the investment or loan, we ensure the execution of all periodic payments and distribution of payments to the token holders.

At the end of the loan period, if there is no ongoing share or ownership claim, if the loan is fully repaid, we burn all tokens associated with the loan and clear all obligations as fulfilled.

If there is an ongoing ownership commitment through the token ownership, we manage the transition to a direct relationship between the investors and the business or continued as the management company of the holding company.

At BPN, we provide services for solid businesses who are looking for capital investments to expand their existing operations, particularly those businesses who are expanding based on standing orders.